iPSC discovery services

Censo Bio is a specialist discovery services company using human iPSC to support neurodegenerative, neuro-inflammation and rare disease focused discovery.

Censo provides access to a diverse range of existing human iPSC lines, and ethically sources relevant human tissue, both healthy and with disease specific mutations, with which to custom generate new iPSC lines from large cohorts of individuals.

We can gene edit these lines to knock in, knock out or correct target genes of interest, and have developed reproducible differentiation protocols for a number of lineages, including microglia, astrocytes, cortical and sensory neurons.

Using these cells for neurodegenerative and neuro-inflammatory disease discovery, we offer customisable phenotypic assays to deliver disease relevant compound characterisation, providing new insights and functional disease related understanding of our clients compounds

We provide a full spectrum of services from creating iPSC lines, iPSC line gene editing, target validation, assay development and compound testing

iPSC Reprogramming

We are experts in the generation and expansion of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs)

iPSC Gene Editing

We offer a range of technologies to custom gene edit iPSC lines

iPSC Discovery Services

iPSC Differentiation and Drug Discovery Assay Services