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Drug Discovery with Human Cells

Censo Biotechnologies Ltd is a stem cell technology company providing human cells and contract research services for drug discovery, toxicity testing and cell banking.

The company has the capabilities to generate induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) from large cohorts of individuals and use the potential of these cells to transform them into a variety of different cell types to study and mimic disease.

By developing cell-based models of disease using cells from a diverse range of tissue donors, the company supports the development of new targeted treatments for disease. Its major focus is the generation of novel data on drug efficacy and drug response variation for a given population.

With the cost of developing a new drug currently estimated at $2.6 billion, a new model is needed for drug discovery. iPSC technology has the potential to transform the way that we develop and use drugs., providing cheaper and more effective treatments for patients.

  • Greater access to human cells leads to better disease models allowing the discovery of new drug targets.
  • In vitro clinical trials allow better identification of effective compounds, and the patient sub-groups for which they will be beneficial (stratified medicine)
  • Ex post analysis can identify patients who could benefit from drugs which fail in the traditional clinical trial setting
  • Inclusion in Pharmcovigilance practices can help ensure drugs which successfully enter the market are safe.

This technology can dramatically reduce the cost of drug development and the risk of failure. It provides a model which works across all diseases, from the most prevalent diseases we face to rare orphan diseases.

At Censo, we passionately believe that iPSC technology can help us improve patient lives through the discovery of new treatments for some of the most complex and intractable diseases we face.

As early adopters of iPSC technology, we have become leaders in the creation of induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs) and their differentiation to specific cell types for use in drug discovery. Our clients include leading pharmaceutical companies and others involved in drug discovery who recognise that iPSC technology offers a wholly new method for testing drugs with human cells from both specific individuals and large cohorts.

We provide a full spectrum of services from creating iPSCs to drug screening, including:

At Censo we provide support to our clients drug discovery by providing iPSCs and contract research services. Our complete end-to end service allows easy adoption of this technology into your workflow.

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Censo Biotechnologies enables the discovery and development of new targeted treatments for disease by using stem cell technology to predict how drugs will behave across a given population.