iPSC Target Validation and Assay Services

iPSC microglia & Alzheimer's.jpg

Using our human iPSC derived cells from healthy and specific disease populations we can custom build and validate iPSC-based cell models at scale to provide new insights and functional disease relevant understanding of our clients leads and drug candidates

We are specialists in the differentiation of Neurological and Inflammatory cells such as microglia, macrophages, astrocytes, and cortical, sensory and dopaminergic neurons

We have optimised our protocols to address the challenges of cost, scale, reproducibility, and robustness. These “discovery robust” protocols ensure we provide repeatable and reliable data across multiple iPSC lines

•Differentiation protocol development

•Target validation studies

•Custom phenotypic assay development

•Disease relevant compound characterisation

•Wide range of phenotypic and high content endpoint detection systems available