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Poster Presentation: Human iPSC derived Microglia-like cells

October 19th 2017

Our poster 'Human iPSC derived Microglia-like cells' was presented at Drug Discovery 2017, ELRIG’s flagship event which aims to bring together leaders in drug discovery research across pharma, biotech, academia and the vendor community.

Microglia are the tissue resident macrophage of the brain. Similar to peripheral Macrophage in other tissue, Microglia are involved in the immune defence of the brain, regulating inflammation, phagocytosis and repair of brain tissue and as such are thought to have a role in some neurodegenerative disease processes.

Due to ethical and supply limitations human primary microglia are not routinely used for invitro research or drug discovery. Applying iPSC technology to this cell type will aid researchers and overcome the ethical and supply problems faced.

The poster describes Censo’s human Microglia-like cell characterisation and how these cells, which are available for clients, can be a useful tool in drug discovery projects. It describes data demonstrating the robust differentiation, profiling and use of iPSC derived human microglia-like cells.

Censo has the capability of producing these cells at > 1010, making the technology suitable to provide to clients for drug discovery projects. Further utilisation of this technology will be to differentiate patient iPSC lines and profile these alongside healthy control iPSCs.

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