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November 14th 2017

Members of the Censo Biotechnologies team have been on the exhibition trail over the last few weeks attending some key industry events to highlight the company's iPSC products and services, to present posters and to network with colleagues and potential partners.

In early October, we had exhibition space at both the Milner Therapeutics Symposium and Drug Discovery, ELRIG's flagship event where we presented our poster on 'Human iPSC derived Microglia-like cells'.

"It was good to reconnect with old colleagues and meet up with current collaborators, such as Heiko Wurdak from Leeds University who works with us on high grade glioma stem cells.

We had a lot of interest from delegates on our capabilities and from the poster we presented. This has led to a number of new discussions with companies on accessing our key competencies in iPSC generation, differentiation and assays."

Ashley Barnes, Head of Drug Discovery Services, Censo Biotechnologies

Other events we have recently attended include the EBiSC workshop on 'Scalability of iPSC Technology for Future Drug Discovery and Therapy'; iForum London which featured topics on complex models and regenerative medicine, disease modeling and drug discovery, and predictive toxicology; and Better Science, Better Health 'Advanced Therapies – Opportunities and Challenges' presenting a European perspective to accelerate Advanced Therapies.

If you missed us and would like to discuss how our work can aid your research, please contact us on

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