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Assay Development and Screening

For differentiated disease relevant human iPSCs to provide new approaches to drug development, it is essential that they can be used in relevant phenotypic assays suitable for compound screening.

Our assay development and compound screening resource is based at our Cambridge facility, and led by ex-pharma scientists with extensive experience of cell based compound screening. Working seamlessly with our iPSC production, gene editing and cell differentiation resources, our assay development and compound screening teams offer a fully integrated service to clients who wish to be at the forefront of iPSC based drug discovery.

Using our human iPSC derived cells from healthy and specific disease populations we can custom build and validate iPSC-based cell models at scale to provide new insights and functional disease relevant understanding of our clients leads and drug candidates:

  • Wide range of endpoint detection systems available
  • Advice on best approaches to compound evaluation
  • Custom phenotypic assay development
  • Assay and target validation
  • Disease relevant compound characterisation

Our technology also enables the study of genotype-phenotype relationships in large populations, providing an understanding of patient population therapeutic response variability.

Our assay platform capabilities include:

  • Hamamatsu FDSS for compound activity on Calcium flux.
  • ThermoFisherArray Scan VTI for high-content imaging e.g. phagocytosis, neurite outgrowth.
  • Agilent Seahorse for energy metabolism e.g. mitochondrial function assessment.
  • Bio-tekSynergyHT for luminescent, fluorescent and absorbance plate based assays e.g. cytokine release, intracellular signaling readouts.
  • Guava easycyteHT for flow cytometry to measure surface marker expression
  • Li-COR odyssey for western blot quantification
  • Quant studio 7 for qPCR analysis

We can also offer electrophysiology, electrical field stimulation and MEA through collaborator network.