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Human Biosample Acquisition

At Censo, we support the development of new treatments for disease by creating iPSC lines from tissue samples procured from individuals with relevant genotypic or clinical backgrounds.

Using our capacity to generate large numbers of iPSC lines, we can create lines from individuals with a diverse variety of genetic backgrounds and varying clinical histories. By doing so, we provide researchers with powerful resources to investigate variations in disease phenotype and variations in drug efficacy across the population as a whole.

For researchers:

Censo can source new bio-samples to create iPSC lines which meet your specific research requirements. All sample procurement is carried out under our ethical, legal and data management structures, and incorporate a pseudo-anonymised consent processes which have been established to enable both academic and commercial research.

Our extensive network of clinical collaborators means that we can source donors with rare genotypes or source large numbers of donors depending on your research needs.

We have the capabilities to collect primary tissue samples and derive primary cell populations primed for reprogramming to iPSCs. We also offer high quality banking and characterisation of these cells and can perform all safety testing (e.g. human viruses) as required.

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For tissue donors:

Our web-based registry for volunteer donations gives us a unique opportunity to engage directly with individuals willing to advance research for new treatments for human disease.

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