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In Vitro Assay Services

In Vitro Assays

At Censo Biotechnologies we believe that the utilisation of novel phenotypically relevant human cell systems is critical to better understanding of disease processes, the identification of small chemical entities which would positively impact these disease processes or indeed to stratify existing medicines for specific patient genotypes.

Utilising control and disease iPSC lines we develop assays that are tailored to deliver disease specific screening cascades. These consist of robust primary assays to create initial compound leads and can be followed by disease relevant secondary and tertiary phenotypic assays to explore structure activity relationships if appropriate.

Our focus in neurological diseases is supported by our successful development of differentiation protocols and know-how for cortical and sensory neurons. In developing these protocols, we have identified cryopreservation stages for various cell types which will allow us to deliver ‘assay ready’ cells to clients and to underpin screening work programmes. We are also developing the capability to profile compounds in phenotypically relevant, well characterised neurons made from control and disease iPSCs to deliver data enabling decision making on the efficacy of small chemical entities.

We take a partnership approach to assay development. This benefits our clients by allowing tailored assay development whilst sharing risk.

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