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iPSC Differentiation

iPSC-derived neuronal progenitors.

We develop iPSC differentiation protocols focussed on compound screening applications. As well as generating physiologically relevant cell types, we ensure our differentiation protocols address the challenges of cost, scale, repeatability, and robustness. Most importantly, we ensure that our protocols are optimised to create cells ready for use in relevant assay platforms and can tailor these to your specific needs.

All protocols are stress tested to ensure they are consist using a single cell line multiple times and also work robustly with multiple cell lines, from both healthy and disease backgrounds. Protocols are fully documented in Standard Operating Procedures and used by multiple researchers before being assessed as robust.

Often starting with protocols developed in academic research, we have “industrialised” protocols for the differentiation of many cell lineages. Our current client collaborations focus on the generation of:

  • Tissue Resident Macrophage and Microglia
  • Sensory neurons
  • Cortical neurons

Please get in touch to find out more about our capacity to produce these cell types or our ability to develop and refine other differentiation protocols specific to your needs.

Macrophage Microglia Poster