Be part of our Research

Be part of our research

Be part of our research

Support research and improve lives

Censo Biotechnologies enables the discovery and development of new targeted treatments for disease by using stem cells.

Have you or anyone you know had their quality of life affected by such debilitating and life changing diseases as Alzheimer’s or Cancer? Your support will aid our research.

Volunteering to take part in our stem cell research program could make an impact on the future of human health and help transform lives.

We need you

Treatment to target any disease, such as Alzheimer’s or Cancer, involves many years of scientific research. Many advances have been made and to progress our research further – we need you.

Using a special type of stem cell, called an induced pluripotent stem cell (or iPS cell) we can explore the underlying mechanisms of disease. For example, we can use them to make brain cells from a person with Alzheimer’s disease and compare these with cells made from a person without Alzheimer’s.

We are seeking volunteers, with and without a diagnosed disease, to register interest to volunteer and donate a biological sample from which we can make iPS cells.

If you are interested, please read the information below before completing the online application form.

What does volunteering involve?

As a volunteer you may be asked to provide samples of your blood, skin and/or urine. These can be used to make stem cells for use in disease research.

Before any samples are collected, you will be given a donor information sheet detailing the process and giving you the opportunity to ask questions.

At all times your volunteering will be anonymous and handled by a fully trained clinical team, independent of Censo Biotechnologies and the research team using your donation.

A little cell goes a long way

We are committed to making large numbers of stem cells from individuals from various backgrounds. These stem cells can be used in research to develop new treatments and could lead to ground-breaking new discoveries.

Your sample will be transported to Censo Biotechnologies laboratories where we will use them in a process called ‘Genetic Reprogramming’ to make stem cells, called "induced pluripotent stem cells” (iPS cells).

These iPS cells can divide and grow without end and can be made to turn into many types of cell found in the human body and can then be used in research in a variety of ways to help understand how a disease works and to support the development of new drugs and treatments.

Who can volunteer?

We are currently inviting people aged between 18 and 75 years to participate in our research.

We accept applications from anyone that would like to be involved, regardless if you have been diagnosed with a disease or not.

What are the benefits of volunteering?

  • Facilitate disease research
  • Improve understanding of disease
  • Help develop new drugs treatments against disease
  • Provide a volume of stem cells from a variety of disease backgrounds

I’m in – what happens next?

Once you have registered, our independent clinical team will contact you and support you through the next stages of the process.

First, please complete the online registration form found here. This will be sent to our clinical team who will make sure you are suitable to volunteer.

Next, you will be contacted by our consultant surgeon or other designated member of the clinical team who will discuss what will happen and answer any questions you may have relating to the donation.

You will then be sent a Donor Information Sheet for review and following this an appointment will be arranged at a nearby clinical facility - details and travel arrangements will be provided once you apply online.

At your appointment you will be able to ask any further questions before signing a form to say you understand the procedure and consent to participate in our research.

Our consultant or a nominated qualified clinical team member will then perform the procedure or collect the sample.

Any information relating to your sample will remain anonymous. No identifying details will be shared with Censo Biotechnologies.

What if I change my mind?

You can withdraw from the research at any time, even after you have donated a sample.

Any samples that have not been used will be destroyed. If samples have been used to create stem cells then these iPS cells will be continued to be used in research.

How do I volunteer?

Please complete the online registration form. Once completed you will receive an email from the clinical team and they will provide instructions of how to proceed.


Our research has been reviewed and approved by an independent Research Ethics Committee.

Data Protection

Censo Biotechnologies maintains all your data in compliance with the Data Protection Act. Your personal information will never be shared with third parties without your consent. Read our Privacy Policy.

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